Shower Time

This summer has been full of wonderful events for our family. Our youngest son is getting married 3 weeks from today and our oldest daughter will be having us another grand baby in 5 weeks. As most of you all know I absolutely love weddings. I am also a Pinterest lover. I very much enjoy… Continue reading Shower Time


Good Evening, It definitely has the feeling of fall in the air.  I love the colors of the leaves. 🍁  Campfires, 🔥 the smell of pumpkins, not to mention pumpkin spiced coffee 😍 Living in Ohio allows for us to enjoy all 4 seasons and there is something about each season that I love.  Probably because I know the… Continue reading Stay PRAYED Up


Good Morning, As I pondered what to blog on this week, my ears and heart was inspired by a song I heard yesterday evening, so much that I replayed it again just to focus on what it was saying to me.  You already know that I Love southern gospel music so it will not be… Continue reading Hope

Fresh Manna

Good morning, It has been a wonderful week. A week blessed by God. Another VBS in the record books with the word being taught to 71 children and some accepting Christ as their savior.  All the hard work was definitely worth it. Do you ever feel like every time you open Gods word or your… Continue reading Fresh Manna