Fall Blessings

Good Evening,

It’s Brown County Fair time in our neck of the woods which means spending time with our family. We watched the fair parade on Monday night and went to the fair with Canaan’s Family. Yesterday Brittany and her Babies joined us. We rode rides, laughed and enjoyed the fair food.

Today made our way to Georgia. I am sure you all know why!!! Where a piece of your heart is, you want to be. We haven’t seen the Elijah and his wife since they got married in August.

The weather is absolutely beautiful but very warm. The temperature reached nearly 100 degrees. It just feels hotter down here. I am not a hot weathered person. Fall weather is what I love.

I did some fall decorating around the house before I left.

And in the house…

I love the sign above the fireplace that some of our friends got us after surgery…


The white pumpkin describes me to a “T”

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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