Playroom progress

Good evening,

The feeling of fall is in the air and I love it. We spent some time outside this evening trimming up some shrubs for fall. We burned some things in the fire pit and it brought my mind straight to my childhood were we burnt a wood stove on chilly days while listening to Christmas songs and decorating the hills for Christmas. I even caught myself looking around trying to decide on were to put the Christmas decorations this year. I know to many it seems crazy to start thinking about this so early but to someone who was born into the Carl Rudd family it’s a way of life.

I think I may have this… 🤣😂

My wonderful husband got me a “Cricut” for our Anniversary and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I am learning new ways to use it everyday. As most of you know I am addicted to Pinterest and love to find new ideas on ways to use my Cricut. You will be seeing a lot of things in the future that I have personalized with my new toy. It has giving me a new drive for decorating.

We have made more progress in the playroom. We have put some things on the walls and finished up the dress up area by painting boat oars and adding hooks so the kids can easily hang their dress up clothes. (The boat oars was Phil’s Idea 😀) I love how they turned out. We placed a mirror by the dress up area with a seat so the kids can take a look at their beautiful selfs. The boys and girls have both enjoyed this area in the playroom.

We placed some more Nautical themed pictures above the kitchen/grilling area.

One of my favorite touches is the boat we bought at a yard sale for $10.00 and painted to match the room. I used my new Cricut and made the name and number for the boat. I named the boat…

“S.S. Charlie” with boat number 120916.

As most of you know we lost a grand-baby almost 3 years ago. Her name was Aria Charlotte but we called her “Baby Charlie.” I am always thinking of ways to make sure she is never forgotten. So we named the boat after her and the boat numbers are her birthday. We will use this boat to store DVD’s for the kids to watch.

Phil has been a great big help to me by hanging everything up. He is way better at that then I am. ❤️

It has been so much fun decorating this room and the grand babies absolutely love spending time together here. Even Baby Israel has been getting around in this room a lot since he is crawling so well now.

Fun times and lots of memories made at Memaw and Pap’s house were we are…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


3 thoughts on “Playroom progress

  1. Your Playroom is coming along nicely. I remember playing in a neighbors playroom. All the crazy fun things we did, dress up, and playing her tiny piano. Great fun for us, and memories never forgotten. By the way, I am already playing Christmas Music. I just cannot help myself.


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