It’s Almost Here

Are you ready?

Are your Christmas presents bought?

Are the gifts wrapped?

Have you sang any Christmas songs?

Have you told anyone Merry Christmas?

Have you taken time to remember the reason for this season?




In fact…life without Jesus is a mess.

Our church program was last night and we visited another church and watched their program.  I love the church programs and the tv programs.  Especially the singing ones.

In fact I like the time leading up to Christmas better then the actual day.   The feelings, the smells and the sounds fill my heart with joy!  I love watching people turn their decorations on and see the trees in the windows.

What are some of the special things that lead up to Christmas at your house?

If you haven’t made any special memories this Christmas season then you better get busy.   You only have 1 week left.

I continue to be…

Blessed Beyond Measures,







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