He Is With Us

Good Morning,

Christmas Day has come and gone and that always leaves me with a sense of sadness.  I get so hyped up in the decorating, buying, wrapping and joy of giving that when it’s over I look back and think of how quick it all happened.

But, I have good news…that little baby who was born in a manger so long ago and the excitement he brought then, is still with us today.   He remains with us and the love he has put in our hearts to share at Christmas can be with us all year long.  I pray this Godly love is shown thru me more this coming year then ever before.   A4303C44-8C65-4965-A1A2-7200AB8437E4.jpegIn our lives we have things that happen that try to get our focus off of Jesus.  It may be our health, our finances, family problems, things completely out of our control or maybe some things hat we have had a hand in that has become a burden to us.  This is the devil and he wants nothing more then to get us discouraged with the problems around us to get our focus off of the problem solver.

Some of you are aware of my health issues that I have battled this year but especially this month and have lifted me up daily in prayer.   I am so thankful for my friends and family who can reach heaven on my behalf.  I want to inform all of you today that this bump in the road has not for one minute removed my focus off of Jesus.  I cling to him more today then every before and trust that all of these surgeries are meant for good for me.   He loves me and wants what is best for me.

I have one more major surgery this Monday and will be spending New Years Eve in the hospital.  Not exactly how I had expected to see the new year in, but exactly how God wanted it!   Phil will be with me and you know what…We still plan to pray the New Year in as we have for the past 30 years.   The God who has always provided for us and seen us thru will see us through another year.  I cling to Christ!!!20FC344B-5791-449B-9EFD-90D5335E36D3.jpegI am sure all of us have some New Years Resolutions that we will make for the upcoming year.   I like making resolutions and plan to better myself as well.   I challenge you more then ever to walk closer to Christ this coming year then ever before.  This may be the year that he returns for us and I want to be ready.

B322C985-6928-4F0E-A305-74E09C519CC7.jpegThanks so much for being a supporter and reader of my blog this past year.  I hope I have shown you something that has helped you along the way.  Share it when you can so others can find hope in this journey called life.


I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,







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