My Little-BIG Things

Good Morning,

The week has come and gone.  Time seems to go faster and faster for me.   We are already looking into the door of September.  As most of you know I love fall so this makes me happy and what makes me happier is that we get to visit Elijah for the first time this month.  Our family is beyond excited for this.   He left for basic on July 2nd and turns 19 tomorrow, boy do we miss him.


My youngest grandson is turning “2” this week so my daughter has been preparing things for his birthday party.  She has chosen a nautical theme.   I am so excited to see it all come together.


My heart filled with joy on Thursday evening when all of the girls got together to help with decorating the cookies and making cake pops.   It’s a true blessing to have the girls all together when the guys are working or away in basic training.  Family time is my favorite!!!


Doing the decorating and watching the 3 grandbabies can get a bit stressful.  So Phil & I decided to step outside with the babies and let them run and play.  As I sat there watching and listening my mind went back to when I was young and use to run and play with my cousins.  No worries, no cares, no shoes  just enjoying 2 of the most precious things God has given us.  Family and nature.

Sometimes we get so caught up in getting the big things done that we forget to stop and enjoy the little things.


A very special lady to me has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She had surgery yesterday and is facing many treatments.  Prayers make a big difference and your prayers for her would mean a lot to me.  Our God still answers prayer!!!

Keep looking up…HE is coming soon!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Meaures,



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