Loving Family Time

Good Afternoon,

I can honestly say I have enjoyed the past 2 days Immensely!!!  We drove all night Thursday night to arrive in Fort Benning Georgia for a family weekend with our Army son.  To top it all off we got to bring our son, daughter and Elijah’s girlfriend with us.   We have so much enjoyed our time together.  It’s been a long time since we have traveled like this together.   We have laughed some, cried some and had a wonderfully blessed time catching up onwhat we have missed for 8 weeks.


As I sit outside in the shade playing Yahtzee with my family, sipping on a hot tea and feeling the warm sun beaming down around us, it makes me think of how Christ’s loving arms can surround us at all times.   No matter where we are, he loves us and cares for us.  I lift my eyes to heaven and thank him for helping my son make it through the tough challenges he has faced the past 2 months.


We even surprised him with a birthday party.  We enjoyed watching him choose his piece of cheesecake, open a few gifts and many cards from a lot of our friends back home.   He said “this is Awesome” and it was.


I never dreamed in a million years we would be a Military family.  I have always had a great respect for the people who have sacrificed themselves to give us the freedom we have in America today but after having a child who has freely chosen to defend this country and sacrifice his good life to help others has had an impact that is hard to describe.   Our family has learned to cling closer to Christ and one another.

In life sometimes we have a few bumps in the road but nothing that our relationship in God and trust in Christ can’t handle.   We serve an Awesome Creator and are enjoying the trip as a military family and child of God.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




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