Spring Is Here

Today was an absolute beautiful day. The temperature here in Ohio was near 70 degrees. The sun and the peaks of flowers were breathtaking.

The tree in our front yard with the beautiful blooms and the red bird that has come to visit for several days in a row let’s me know that Spring is here to stay.

When I think of spring it reminds me of the seasons in our lives. Physically and Spiritually.

We go thru times in our lives when winter has come. The days are dark and long. Sometimes it seems like we will never see the sun again. Before we know it the peaks of sun start shining through, the roots have gotten deeper and stronger and the little buds of flowers start to appear. It’s in these times that we grow in Christ and our lives begin to radiate more then ever before.

The spring is also a time when we can leave the past behind and focus on new things God has in store for us.

New Beginnings -bring excitement.

If we have given our past to Christ it remains just that…in the past. The devil will try and keep us discouraged over past sins that have already been forgiven but remind him that Jesus has already covered them with his blood and they are gone.

My daddy use to say “some of the most precious things in life are FREE”

I have never heard a truer statement. Salvation, Love and creation are some of the most precious things in life and they are FREE.

I have never been very talented at painting or drawing but I can I tell you a little about my favorite artist…

-He was born in a manger years ago

-He didn’t go to school to learn the trade

-He can paint a picture in an instant

and better yet…

He’s my Father!!!

This spring…

I am Still

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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