Low Carb Pizza Bread

Good evening,

I am so excited for this weekend. There are a few reasons…

We are celebrating Jesus’ death and Resurrection

Our son is coming in from the Army

We get to spend time with our family

3 very good reasons to be excited about.

We celebrated Easter at our house last Sunday. A few years ago I decided to have our Easter on Palm Sunday. This makes it less hectic for all.

The Grand babies enjoyed their Easter baskets and hunting eggs. Us adults enjoyed the wonderful dinner and fellowship.

Today I wanted to share a new recipe I got from my daughter in law. It is almost zero sugar and yummy.

Pizza Bread

1 egg

2 cups of Mozzarella cheese


Garlic Powder

Spray a small cookie sheet with Pam.

Mix the cheese and egg together.

Spread out in cookie sheet.

Top with oregano and garlic powder to your desired amount.

Bake 8 min on 350 degrees and broil an additional 2 min.

Cut and serve with ranch dressing or Marinara sauce.

I hope you find someplace to worship on this coming Easter Sunday and spend a little time enjoying some of your sweetest blessing.

I plan too!!!

Happy 🐣 Easter,

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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