Busy Blessed

Good morning,

It seems like I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to get blog posts as frequently as I use to. I am also at a loss sometimes of what to share. I have several projects in mind to blog but haven’t started them yet. I am in the process of making a play room for our grand babies and will hopefully be ready to share pictures soon.

In the past month we have helped our daughter and her family move to her new home and I have been helping them do some painting and fixing. They purchased a home in Lake Waynoka and I can walk to her house, which I Love.

Our Easter was truly blessed. Our Army son was able to come home for a 4 day visit. When the boots are in the house I can breath a sigh of relief. (If you are a military family you know what I mean.) Enjoying one of my favorite seasons with all of my family was Awesome, not to mention I was off work for 4 days.

This week we have been spending a lot of time with our oldest son, Canaan and his family. Miss Eden turned 3 this week. We were able to get her a swing set and put it together. She loves it. We are celebrating her birthday today. 🎉

Life is good at the Lawrence house. Not perfect by any means but still full of God’s Blessings!!!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to spend some time with me.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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