What goes in…


It has been a busy summer.  I blinked and its almost over. That’s how I feel life happens.   I blinked and my youngest son married the love of his life Saturday.  I blinked and my oldest daughter is ready to give birth to my sixth grand baby.   Maybe it has went so fast because I have been so busy.    I have enjoyed every minute of it.  In the past 3 weeks we have had a Baby Shower and a wedding.   Two beautiful events that I loved being a part of.   Decorating and spending time with friends and family- 2 of my favorite things. 💕

Brittany had a adorable baby shower with wonderful eats.   We had a salad bar and a potato bar followed by salted caramel brownies, chocolate dipped cookies and raspberry filled cupcakes.   We made all of these and was happy with how they looked and tasted.   My granddaughter “Miss Addelynn Grayce” helped me get all of this ready for her sweet mom and baby sister.  She will be a great help when “Miss Nova Reign” gets here.  We are expecting her any day now.  If she doesn’t make her arrival soon she is schedule to have her on August 20.   We can’t wait to meet her.

As I think about her arrival I pray for her health as well as my daughters.  I also think of what an influence I want to be on her life.   We have 1 time to raise them.   I pray I can be a Memaw that shows lots of LOVE.  Most importantly CHRIST’S LOVE.

It seems like everywhere you look there is a new diet to help with getting fit.  I heard a preacher say…we worry more about what we put into our mouth then we do about what we put into our heart. 💕  With all the celebrations, I definetly have not done well with what goes in my mouth lately, but I sure have been praying and reading his word.  The trial our family has been faced with has made me focus more on Christ.  I have drawn strength from his word.   I will need all of Jesus I can get to help my husband, children and grandchildren see his Love.

We don’t understand the valley but I have heard things grow better there.   In this valley I will grow, my family will grow and we will have a healthier heart and soul. We will realize in the valley…..God is still good!!!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to spend a few minutes with me.   Praying for you the readers!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




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