Blessed Memorial Day

This Memorial Day has a whole new meaning for the “Lawrence” family. Elijah has spent close to a year in the Army stationed in Georgia. We have sent a lot of prayers to heaven and made many trips to Georgia. On almost every 3-4 day weekend we make a trip south. Our son and daughter and their families at home have been so supportive as well. On weekends that we would normally be having cook-outs we have been heading south. I thought our family was close before but realize now we have grown closer together and have grown closer to God.

God has answered so many prayers for us and our son. It seems that every time we come down to Georgia something has been needed. God is amazing at timing things out months ahead.

Today I want to share a few times he has answered prayers for us on Elijah’s behalf.

-A few months ago when we came down Eli unexpectedly had to purchase a new car. What 19 year old has enough credit to make a huge purchase? God knew it would happen the exact weekend we were in Georgia to help him with co- signing.

-As most of you know he and Claire’s Wedding is in August. He was able to get a home on base and needed his furniture brought down. God’s amazing timing worked out again. We have had a vacation planned to Hilton Head, which is less than 100 miles from him, since the beginning of the year. Elijah got the keys to the home on Wednesday and we were able to bring a load of furniture down on Friday. Another prayer answered at just the right time. (Thanks so much to good friends that have let us use their travel hauler for his car and enclosed trailer for his furniture.) God has been so good to us.

It is such a joy to know that we can pray and no matter where our families are in this world, God can answers prayers of protection, guidance and strength. We serve an amazing God.

As you celebrate this Memorial Day with your family don’t forget to say a prayer for the military and their families who have served or are serving to allow you the protection to live in this great Country of freedom the blessed USA.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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