Coffee Syrups

The weather in Ohio has been rainy and cold. In fact it feels like fall weather. I am sure before long the heat with get here, the sun with stick around and we will get to enjoy the outside and pool this summer.

Since school has been out I have been working on some little things around the house. I love my job but enjoy working part time in the summer so I can get some things caught up. I have been doing some painting in the play room and hope to be sharing some photos in the near future. I have decided to go with the nautical theme in the play room. I enjoy doing projects like this.

I have also been enjoying doing my morning devotions outside. As I have said, the weather doesn’t always cooperate but when it does it is a great way to start the morning. Coffee and Jesus.

Today I wanted to share an awesome addition to my coffee. I have found the best coffee sweetener that is zero calories, zero carbs & zero sugar. They have many different brands, “Skinny Syrups, Little Italian Cafe, Cornucopia Farms” just to name a few. I have been buying this coffee syrup at two of my favorite stores “Home Goods & Marshall’s”. It comes in a variety of flavors. Our favorite flavor is salted caramel.

These can be purchased in many different stores but are much higher in price. Marshall’s and Home Goods carry the 25 oz bottle for less than $5.00. I have to look frequently to find these creamers but it is worth it. These syrups have a long shelf life so when I find the kind we like I will load up on it.

Try adding this to your coffee and then top with a sugar free “Skinny. syrup” whipped foam topping or cool whip and you have yourself a tasty guiltless treat.

It is suppose to be a beautiful day in Ohio today and the sun is shining.

Grab yourself a good cup of coffee and the word of God.

To me these two things are the best way to start any day.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


2 thoughts on “Coffee Syrups

  1. I don’t drink coffee, but a Diet Coke does it for me. And early morning devotions are the best. Starts the day right. If I don’t do it then, then the distractions of the day take over and comes bedtime I remember I haven’t spent that time in His word.

    It is a beautiful day. Have a great weekend.


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