A Week to Remember

Good Evening,

We have had a very exciting week thus far and are really enjoying it. The sun shone all day in the Ohio Valley and it was absolutely beautiful. It’s Vacation Bible School week at our home church and it is always such a joy to watch the children learn about Jesus and answer questions that let you know the things they are taught sure sink in.

This year Phil and I have chosen to be group leaders. (This is something we haven’t done for a very, very long time.) The age group we decided to lead are ages 2-5. Main reason for this age group is because ALL of our grand babies are in this group. Making memories will be well worth the fatigue we feel at the end of each evening.

What a blessing to watch our grandchildren:


Learn His Word!

Play games:

make things

and pray to Jesus.

Even the littlest Grand Baby got to attend.

We can teach our children many things but they won’t remember them all. The word of Christ is the most important thing in life they will ever learn. May I be a great educator of Jesus so these grandbabies and the other children may learn to know him.

Besides VBS I have worked some and I have found a little time to work on the play room. I have also been working on things for the Bridal Shower next Saturday for my future Daughter-in-law . She will be a wonderful addition to our family.

May your week be filled with lots of sunshine and blessings.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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