A Blessed Thanksgiving Week

What a wonderful week we have had at the Lawrence home.

On Monday I took Mom, Canaan, Jaycee, Eden to Coney Island Christmas Light Display which was totally awesome.

On Tuesday morning we welcomed our Adorable new grandson “Israel Jensen Lawrence” into the world.  He was born and totally amazed us and all the staff of how wonderful he has done on all his tests and no heart issues.  We Thank God for this!!!  Someone bought him a onesie that says “Handpicked for earth by my sister in heaven” Boy did Baby Charilie pick out a dandy to send here with us.  I can feel the love of God when I hold him.



On Wednesday after work we came to see the new grandson then headed to the airport to pick up Elijah for a surprise visit none of the family knew about.  We took him straight back to the hospital to surprise Canaan, Jaycee and hold that new nephew.  We then stopped at Brittany    & Brandon’s House to surprise them.

On Thursday morning we met his girlfriend “Claire” and her parents for a surprise visit as well as a proposal.  She was totally shocked.  We left there and went and decorated the house for the welcoming home of Baby Israel.


476BE85A-B9E7-4092-ACBA-DC3341C817E2Thursday evening we went to The Lawrence Family Thanksgiving Dinner where they were surprised with a new grandson visit and our soldiers arrival.

On Friday we had The Rudd Family Thanksgiving at my sister Fonda’s new home. We had a wonderful time and they were shocked to see Elijah walk in.  We left there and went to celebrate Baby Israel with pizza, a welcome home cookie and lots of kisses.

On Saturday as a yearly tradition my sisters and nieces went shopping and grabbed lunch with Mom.  Phil, Eli, Claire and myself finished off the evening by watching the Christmas Parade in Mt. Orab.

D18EC124-DEF8-44F6-BC65-66118358D565.jpegThis morning I started preparing our turkey dinner for our immediate family and left to get some breakfast at IHop with Phil, Eli and Claire before dropping him off at the airport.  It has been one of the most wonderful weeks of my life.  I have so much enjoyed my family and all of God’s blessings.  We are worn out but have enjoyed every minute of this wonderful week.

The grand babies as well as the rest of us enjoyed today’s Turkey Dinner.

7FD684C6-B770-4713-B561-C4BF9A7BABCDI hope you made some wonderful memories with your friends and family this week.

Thank you Lord for blessing me way more than I deserve.

Give someone a handshake, a hug or a smile this week.

We have much to be thankful for!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




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