God Answers Prayer

Good Evening,

As we travel north on I-75 from Fort Benning Georgia with our youngest son.  My mind goes back to July 2nd when he left us for the first time for the US Army.   Being an Army family has been a challenging yet a rewarding experience.  I have had respect for the military from a young age but respect those who have served even more since I have had a son who has experience things I could never be able to do.  Not for 1 week, 1 day even 1 hour.   What a sacrifice these people have made to give us the freedom we have in this great nation.


I have always been a praying mom but I am a praying mom more now than ever.   He has answered so many prayers for us!!!

Let me give him praise by just naming a few…

*Today Eli graduated as A “United States Army Tanker”

*God has given Eli unbelievable strength to get thru basic training and his AIT training.  Daily I prayed for God to protect him Mentally, Physically & Spiritually and he has.   One of his final challenges was a 12 mile Ruck/March carrying 80lbs. of gear.   He said they fast walked and it was his lightest pack yet.  I had prayed every time I woke in the night (as did many others) and one obstacle that was suppose to be the hardest…God made one of his easiest.  That’s a great answer to prayer for us.

*Our new grandson “Israel” that gave us a scare on September 27th has made wonderful improvements.  He was having heart trouble and finally diagnosed with a heart block then changed to Bradycardia which is a low heart rate.  They have had to go to 2 dr appointments a week to keep a good eye on him.  The past 2 doctors appointments he has shown no Bradycardia and is growing well.  We have jumped in and helped get his room ready, had a baby shower and can say we are ready for him to come…Anytime.  Thank you Jesus!!!

Those are 2 big prayers that he has answered not to mention the small things I ask him for daily that he has always provided.

Do I still need big prayers answered?  Yes.  Phil is facing some upcoming tests that I am praying for God to move on and Yes I am expecting God to answer them.


Because I have asked!!!


He may not always answer the prayers exactly like we want them to be answered, but it will be to what he knows is best for us.   If we have the trust that he knows what’s best for us. We can find the good in everything he does for us.

I am thankful today for Answered prayers last month, last week and next week.

We serve a prayer answering God!!!


I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


4 thoughts on “God Answers Prayer

  1. Cindy you are truly Blessed. This was an incredibly beautiful and inspiring testimony. I rejoice with you in all your answers to prayers for Eli, Israel, and Phil. Whatever God’s will, we are to thank in and praise him. Have a wonderful week with your Army Tanker Soldier. I guess Eli and my hubby Don could talk. Don was First Class Tank Repairman during the Korean War, in the Army. He was stationed in Germany, with his twin brother.( They don’t allow brothers to serve like that together anymore). He is a Very Proud Army Veteran and Patriot. And he loved those Tanks 🇺🇸


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