It Looks Like Christmas

Time to share a few pictures of our Home For The Holidays.

Our foyer has my favorite 12 ft tree with our family ornaments. We always put this tree up together. We completed this 2 different days but succeeded in everyone putting a few ornaments on it.

Above the door is Santa and a Nutcracker with all the old toys.

The tree in our kitchen has Gingerbread men, cookie cutters and one of my favorite carols “Joy To The World.”

The tree in our living room has all color lights with red ornaments topped with a Santa hat and Light up Santa.

Our small nativity goes back a long ways. I love putting this scene out. I have used this nativity many times to tell the children and grandchildren the true meaning of Christmas.

I’m not sure how Silent of a night that night was over 2,000 years ago but I know it was an absolute “HOLY NIGHT.” A night that forever changed our world and that baby definitely changed my life.

It can change yours too!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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would share some more pictures next post.

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