Happy “2020”

As I sit here reflecting in 2019 I realize just how much God protected us, provided for us and kept us.

Some days in 2019 I was on an extreme high with Jesus knowing he would supply every need, physically, mentally , spiritually & financially . Other days I was at a low thinking he was no where around. These times I would have to repent to God for doubting his Grace & Mercy.

Phil and I have had more physical issues the past few years then ever in our life and it sure has taught us to put our trust in the one who made us and takes care of us. Many of these issues have been a surprise to us but these have never been a surprise to God. He knew we would go through these times way before they hit us.

As I reflect back I am thankful for how we have grown closer to God and closer to each other through all of these trials.

The storms do make us trust the creator of them.

Our year wasn’t all bad we had some wonderful times as well and gained a few things.

  • We gained a new Daughter-in-law 👰

  • We gained a new granddaughter 🤱

  • And gained a lot of weight. 😱 Yep, it easily creeps back, especially when you are on medicine that causes weight gain.

(I won’t disclose this picture 😬🤣)

As I go into 2020 I have many areas I am praying God will help me with:

  • Help me never doubt the Grace & Mercy of Jesus.
  • Help me pray and read your word more.
  • Help me never doubt your provision for me and my family in any way.
  • Help me lead someone to Christ.
  • Help me to blog things that will help the people reading it.
  • Help me to have the will power to make good food chooses for me and my family.
  • Help me daily to be more like HIM!!!

I am not sure what your New Years Resolution is but I pray it has Jesus in it.

As my devotion for December 31st said:

Look back we see his provision,

Look forward with great anticipation…

Trust him…He has A great track record. 🙌🏼

What are some of your New Years resolutions?

Today is the start of a 366 page book. Make it a great one!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


2 thoughts on “Happy “2020”

  1. Cindy, I love your blogs. Praying with you for good health and strength for the battles in 2020. Love your family! Pray for us as well.


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