New Years Resolution Check

We are 17 days into 2020.

The time is going so fast.

How is your New Years Resolution going?

A few years ago Phil and I made the resolution to go to the doctor less!!! That was the year we spent more time at the doctors office. 🤪. Needless to say that has never been another New Years Resolution.😀

Of course almost every year since I can remember getting in shape has been one of mine. I have lost enough weight for 3 people. Lol. But I have gained it back. Hardest thing ever is dieting for me. Even harder now with Menopausal issues. 😡

This year I have decided to add some other resolutions so I am not a complete failure. 🤣🤣🤣🤣This year I want to try and learn more Bible Scripture. During my devotions I will write down a bible verse that I love. Remembering the verse is not the hard part for me. If you give me the first word or two I can remember the rest. Remembering where it is found is hard!!! I am hoping and praying I can learn a lot of verses this year.

Always getting closer to God is one of my New Years goals.

With this year being 2020 I pray I can get 20/20 vision of my Savior.

  • A clearer picture of what he wants me to do.
  • A clearer understanding of where he wants me to be.
  • A clearer view off of this world and onto the world to come.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

I pray Jesus is part of it!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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