Still Blessed

Good Morning,

I hope you are in a safe warm place this morning.  The temperatures in Ohio are at record lows today.  I had planned to work but due to the temperatures and the snow decided to stay home.   I am thankful I can do that.  I pray for the people who have to work out in these frigid temps or sleep in them.  I can’t even imagine.   When you look at these things you realize that you have truly been Blessed by God.

Phil and I are home together today and snow days are different for us empty nesters.  It’s much quieter, we have no desire to play in the snow but we still find time to play a few games of Yahtzee.  Today we plan to finally put some decorations back on our empty walls.


It seems like just a few days ago all of our children were home and the house was running with excitement on snow days.   It’s another chapter of life for us but a good chapter.    A chapter of grandbabies and frequent visits from the children.  We love these times.   Our children, grandchildren and family are a true blessing from God.


Stay warm and safe in this weather and continue to thank God for his blessings.

God is Good!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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