A Heavenly Day

Have you ever had one?


A day you did’t want to end?

We had one of those days yesterday.

We were blessed with a wonderful spirit filled church service in the morning. Then home for a wonderful lunch shared with family and parents. The day was sunny and in the 60’s so we went outside to let the grandchildren ride their bikes, look for worms and play bubbles. Had some visitors stop by. Played some music and sang songs (while the birds chimed in)still enjoying the weather and followed it up with a wonderful bible study on “Stay in the Race” so we can all make it to HEAVEN.

That’s what I call a Heavenly day. One I didn’t want to end.

When we get to Heaven we will have many of these days but it will never end.

No night there

No sickness

No pain

Just “1” wonderful day filled with those we love and HIS presence.

Until then…

I hope to experience many more heavenly days with my wonderful family, friends and HIM!!!

Oh and I had another Birthday.

My family knows me well!!!

I love all of these things!!!

As Easter approaches I hope and pray each of you get to enjoy a wonderful HEAVENLY day with some of you family, friends and Jesus.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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