Sleep Overs

At our house we are looking forward to warmer weather. Weather where we can ride our bikes, take golf cart rides, and cuddle up next to a campfire on the cool nights while roasting marshmallows.

Until then we are doing what we can to spend time with those we love.

I can honestly say things that use to mean so much to me like a clean house and working 50 hours a week have been moved to the back burner. Spending time with my family, teaching them about Jesus and making memories are my TOP priorities.

The grandkids love to stop over and we love to have them. They love to stay the night but since Phil and I are more tired then ever (I blame it on Post -Covid and sure hope it’s not my age. 😬) we don’t let this happen as much as we probably should. A couple of weeks ago we were brave and had a sleep over with the 3 oldest grandbabies.

I put make up on the girls and painted their nails.
They put make up on me.
We played some late night UNO
We made them “Face” food for breakfast

But most importantly… we made MEMORIES!!!

I hope you take time out of your busy days to spend time with those you love and make some MEMORIES!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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