My Family Blessings


Good Evening,

It’s Friday.  I hope you had a wonderful week blessed by God.  I had a stomach virus Tuesday, a doctor appointment for other issues yesterday evening, a funeral we sang at today, and we have 2 visitations to attend tomorrow, but through it all….God is still good!!!

He knows when I am overwhelmed.  He knows when I need to cry.  He knows when I need a rest.  He knows when I need a comfort.  He knows when I need a storm.  He knows when I need a hand.  ~Best of all he has never failed to walk with me every step of the way.  In fact I am sure he has carried me A LOT.  What a blessing to be carried by an awesome God who created me and loves me more than anyone ever can!


I figured I would allow you all to see what an evening consist of at “The Lawrence Homestead .”  Not every evening, but alot and that’s a blessing to me!!!  Some of you may not know that Music is a big part of our family.  Last night we got with Phil’s dad to practice for the funeral we sang at today.  Miss Eden even tried to sing with us.  (As you may notice in the video)

Then it was on to some guitar picking by Phil, Eli and Papaw.  The grandkids love this.  (Canaan wasn’t able to be here to pick with them but hope to feature him in an upcoming blog.)


Next we got to watch the grandbabies playing in the ball pit and blowing bubbles.  As you can see they had a BALL!!!  Miss Addelynn is a big helper and loves to ride her scooter.  Miss Eden loves bubbles and can fly in her walker. Beckett has started crawling and loves to explore.  This keeps all of us very busy.  Lol



I sure hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our home this evening.   If you need anything this week give it to God he will help you and carry you as well if need be.  He sure is a good God.  Try him and see.

Deuternomy 31:8


I am…



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