Dressing for Spring



Good Afternoon,

The sun is shining on this beautiful spring day.  I love my coffee especially in the morning sitting on my back deck. It may sound funny but I think my coffee tastes better in certain cups.  This is one of my favorite.  This was a Christmas gift given to me from my son Elijah’s girlfriend.  She’s a sweet girl and must know where my heart is. (It says…Saved by Grace)  Notice my not so healthy breakfast.  Sorry but I cave frequently when sweets are around.  I Love Sweets!!!


We have been busy around our house lately celebrating Easter, Phil’s birthday, My son-in-law Brandon’s birthday and our Granddaughter Eden’s 1st birthday.  She was so funny.  Diving into the cake and gifts.  What Blessings I Have!


Today I wanted to grab some things that aren’t new out of my closet and put together for you.  Some of these items I have had for a good while.  Since I fall a bit on the chunky side.  I don’t choose clothes that are tight fitting.   Let’s just say after birthing 3 children and keeping some of the pregnancy weight, this is best for me and definetly better for all of YOU. 58394

When I  layer my clothes it tends to not focus on areas where I carry the most weight.

This white jean vest I wear with many different outfits.  It is so versatile. You can wear it with long sleaves and a scarf in the winter, sleeveless shirt in the summer or a 3/4 length shirt in the spring and fall.  Any color goes with white.  If you ever find a white vest like this on a clearance rack. Buy it you will be glad you did.  I like jeans that can be rolled for year round wear.  I also love the new fashion of crocheted sleeves.  Wearing this with jeans give my outfit a country look.

I buy so many of my clothes from a store called Catos.  They always fit in the same size and they are so comfy. Comfy is key.  20170414_095235These sandals are the only new thing in my outfit today.  I got them for $7.00 at a store named Gordmans and I love them.


I am a person who presses everything. If it has a wrinkle then the iron is out.   I even press my t-shirts.  I usually press 1 to 2 days a week.  I also keep my toenails painted.  I feel better about myself when I look neat and clean.


As you look thru your closet finding something to wear.  Try putting different things together.  You will be amazed of what you can find that can be placed together to give you a new look.


Remember no matter what you have or how you feel, you have a God who loves you.

Show kindness and love to others and you will feel better in the end.  My dad always told me to “look for the good in people and you will find it.” Try showing love and looking for good in others this week.  It will bring a smile to their face and a feeling of contentment for you!!!

I am still…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



(Click on the links to the stores listed to shop or locate a store near you.)

2 thoughts on “Dressing for Spring

  1. Great post! I love Cato too, and ThredUp, which is an online secondhand nice clothing site.
    We are so much alike, sort of like we’ve known each other all of our lives! Pretty close! I’m really enjoying reading your posts, wanting to start doing a blog myself, just trying to figure out where I’ll find the time. Once I do, I will send you a link.


    1. Thanks Julie. I have never tried Thredup. Sorry if I didn’t approve this post earlier. I am new at this and didn’t see it. I love being a blogger. Go for it!!!
      Have a blessed day my friend.


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