Tea Dye

I haven’t shared a DYI for awhile so figured I would share an easy one with you this evening.

I love the dish towels called Thyme&Sage. These can be boughten at Home Goods, TJ Max or Marshall’s for a reasonable price. They are the best for drying, or at least I think so, and they come in a 4 pack.

I have had some of these towels for a long time and my white towels have become so dingy. So I decided to TEA DYE them. It’s very inexpensive and I love the antique look that it gives.

You will need a pan, water, tea bags (preferably Black Tea) and the towels/rags you are going to dye.

The first thing you do is turn on the water in the saucepan and add the tea bags. I added 10 bags for my 4 towels. Let the water and tea bags boil then turn down to low.

Add the towels. Make sure they are completely submerged. Let them soak in the tea colored water for around 1 hour depending on how dark you want them. (Move them around frequently to allow them to get soaked and stained all over. )

After they have dyed you then remove them from the tea water and rinse thoroughly. I actually threw mine in the washer mashing on a speed wash to make sure all tea was removed.

I really like the antique color that the Tea Dye gave them ❤️

This is an easy, inexpensive project that can be used on almost any type of material.

Give it a try you will love it too.

I am,

Blessed Beyond Measure,


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