Happy Changes

It has been so busy around our house the past few weeks. We have been busy moving our daughter-in-law from Georgia back to Ohio. We were so excited to do this. As you all know our youngest son is enlisted in the United States Army and has been deployed for several months out of the country. Following his deployment he will be close to finishing up his contract to the Army. We will be excited to have him close to home again. The trips we have made to Georgia the past few weeks to help move them back to Brown County Ohio has been a true blessing. God has kept his hand on us as we have traveled many miles by air and by car. One day we traveled over 1600 miles, leaving Cincinnati early that morning and flying to Savannah to have breakfast with Elijah & Claire and driving her car back to Ohio so Claire didn’t have to drive it back alone. It was worth it, because we got to have breakfast with Eli before his deployment. It’s crazy what military families do to spend just a few more minutes with their loved ones. (You will never really know unless you have a child who is or has served. )❤️🇺🇸🤗 One thing is for certain, you depend on Christ to keep them safe from harm and you realize just how out of control you are. We have always raised our children to Trust God. They are now seeing us live it out. So many obstacles, but none that we can’t overcome with our hand in HIS big hand. 🙌🙌🙌

I will say this election has me doing a whole lot of Praying. Not just praying every now and then but praying DAILY. God is in control and we have to do our part but I have to realize no matter the outcome God has it in his control. He already knows the outcome and knows exactly what we need. As his word says:

I am super excited for The holidays this year although with Covid it looks like they will be different. Tomorrow is November 1st and Star 93.3 is already playing Christmas music. 🎄❤️🎄❤️. I plan to start decorating soon. People think I am crazy for starting so early and think I am skipping Thanksgiving but at our house we are always giving thanks so we will add some decorations to our home and keep giving Thanks. 🎄🙌🎄🙌

I don’t just put up 1 tote of decorations…I put up lots and lots of totes of decorations. In fact Phil fixed up my storage room in the basement last spring to house all the decorations. That room is close to a 15ft x 18 ft room and it is crazy full. I kind of have a Christmas problem. 😳 Seriously I do! But I love it and Phil says he wouldn’t want ME any other way. He really can’t complain though, if it weren’t for Christmas decorations we probably would have never met that night at Rudd’s Christmas Farm over 42 years ago. ❤️🙌🎄❤️🙌🎄

They say the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. ☺️ Google “Rudd’s Christmas Farm” and you’ll see for yourself.

Dad (Carl Rudd) at Rudds Christmas Farm❤️
Rudd’s Christmas Farm in the late 80’s

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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