Christmas Time is Coming

One of my dad’s favorite songs that he use to sing to us kids as we were growing up. Trampling on those hills stringing Christmas lights, walking up those paths carrying straw to place on those muddy walkways or driving up the road during the most wonderful season of the year to me. I can still hear my sweet daddy singing “Christmas Time is Coming.”

I was able to get my decorations up early this year. I can now relax and enjoy the beauty of my manger scenes, the twinkling lights on my trees, the sweet time spent with my family and the laughter of my wonderful grandchildren.

It has been a different year. Many have faced many difficult times. I hope and pray you are still able to celebrate Christmas with the ones you love.

A special time of year to share gifts with others. Whether it’s gifts of kindness, gifts of lending a hand, gifts of lifting ones spirits or giving something special to someone you have made. A gift is a special thing but that is only a start…the most precious gift to be given is when you give Jesus your heart.

I LOVE to give gifts much more than receive them so……I will be drawing for a gift that I will be sending to one of you. ❤️🎄🎁❤️🎄

Rules to be in the drawing are below:

Go to my Facebook post under Blessed Beyond Measures. Here you can see all the posts I have made. You must tag 3 people and share any posts I have posted. If you share 3 of my posts your name will be in the drawing 3 times. If you share 10 posts your name will be in the drawing 10 times. It’s that easy.

I am excited to see which posts you liked the most.

Let’s spread a little Christmas cheer because CHRISTMAS TIME IS COMING!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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