I’m Glad I Said Yes!!!

Good evening,

I can’t even believe it is already August 2nd.  It is almost school time again.  As most of you know I have worked in the schools for a long time and work part time in the summer.  I love my job and look forward to starting a new job in the school this year.  I have mixed feelings…. anxious, nervous, excited & blessed.  We have had a busy summer with VBS, Elijah leaving for the Army, and me having surgery.  I have enjoyed so much time with my grand babies as well.   I haven’t jumped into any new projects but have some decorating ideas in my mind for the future.

We usually like to take our vacation later in the summer so we can rest a little before jumping into another school year. Phil & I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in a few weeks so we wanted to celebrate that during our vacation.  I can’t believe we have been married 30 years.    I am amazed at how much I can still be in love with the one who swept me off my feet years ago.  That’s a God thing.  I pray for him daily and also pray that God continues to grow our love for each other and you know what?…he has!!!  The devil is a deciever and is trying his best to tear apart families.  Prayer is the key.  Last night at supper he looked at me and said “thanks for saying yes when I asked you to marry me,” that lets me know God has continued to let our love grow.   Boy am I glad I said yes!!!


We have worked hard at our marriage. At times I feel like I give 75% percent and he 25% and other times he gives 75% and I give 25%.  But most of the time it’s 50/50.  We love to work outside in landscaping together and in the kitchen together.  We also enjoy taking walks together.   What ever we do we try to make it enjoyable.   All of his hobbies aren’t what I would choose but will do things with him just to let him know I support and love him.    Going to car shows and bow shoots aren’t always my favorite but our talks on the way there and during the shows are some of my favorite things to do.  I am sure he doesn’t  love doing everything I love to do either but he usually does it without complaining    That makes me happy.

We will be spending 24 hours a day together for the next 10 days and I am so excited for it.  We are going to Disney World for few then finishing with a Caribbean Cruise.   Here are a few pics.  I will share some more soon.


Oh yeah we got a letter from ELIJAH today and it made me so happy even though I shed a few tears.  He is doing well in Army Basic training and we miss him like crazy but we are planning a family day in September to see him.  So excited for that!

Do something special with the love of your life this weekend.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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