Good Morning,

As I pondered what to blog on this week, my ears and heart was inspired by a song I heard yesterday evening, so much that I replayed it again just to focus on what it was saying to me.  You already know that I Love southern gospel music so it will not be a shock to you when you hear me say it was a southern gospel song.  Back in the spring Mom and I went to a camp meeting service and this group sang this song.  The song is “Hope for All Nations” by Karen Peck and New River.   I have uploaded it for you to hear.

The song was not just sung but acted out by many people carrying flags to represent each nation.  It was so touching.  It talks about how Jesus is our hope not just for the USA but for Everyone! Yes, Iraq, China, Russia, Uganda, North Korea…EVERYONE!!!

The definition of hope is: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

When I was young I always hoped that one day I would live “The Ameircan Dream”  Miriam-Webster defines it like this…

Definition of the American dream. : a happy way of living that is thought of by many Americans as something that can be achieved by anyone in the U.S. especially by working hard and becoming successful. With good jobs, a nice house, two children, and plenty of money, they believed they were living the American dream.

Biblical hope defines it differently.  In Earthly hope you “hope-so” but in Biblical hope you “know-so.”    Biblical hope isn’t wishing for the best,  it’s knowing whatever happens Christ is doing it for your best.  It isn’t waiting to see what happens and hoping that it turns out good.  It’s knowing that God has you in the palm of his hands and will always do whats good for you.

I have had ups and downs in my life as you have.  What we focus on let’s people know where our heart is.  My American Dream has come true.  I have been blessed with an Amazing husband and family., a beautiful home, A great job and most of my wants.   It’s the little things that I Love so much.

*** A walk with my husband

*** Sunday Dinner with my family

*** Time to reads God word

*** Gospel Music

***A  “Tea Party” on a sunny day with my  beautiful grandbabies.  (10 minutes but countless memories.)

0E2C7979-FEBD-4A09-8AB2-D23DDDB2867F***A few hours spent with a grand baby whom I never got to hold but touched my life forever.  In biblical hope I will hold her one day, she can join our “Heavenly  Tea Party” and we will never say goodbye.


Many times we don’t see what God is doing.  I am thankful that He sees the future and knows exactly what we need to get us to where we are striving to be.

I have a Hope that these blessings that are my family, who I try to show the Love of Christ with, will one day place their hope in the creator of the universe, as I have.

I am so thankful my hope is placed in Christ.  He is the reason I walk, talk, and share my life with others so he can be glorified.

He is my hope!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I really enjoyed the read and the video. Thanks sis! Keep em coming! Continued blessings to you and all of your’s !!


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