He Still Provides

Good Afternoon,

I am hoping today finds you in the middle of God’s presence.  The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful and I was able to enjoy some time outside with family.   It almost had the feeling of fall in the air.  It was the perfect evening for a cup of coffee    while sitting outside enjoying God’s blessings.

I had surgery on Monday and I am moving a bit slow right now.   I want to let everyone know in everything we go thru God always provides.   He carries us, loves us and provides the things we need to make it victoriously over every obstacle that we have to go thru.


I have been so blessed to have my wonderful husband, children, family, church family and friends lending a hand and ecspecially praying for me.  May I never take these people for granted.

Many times God provides our needs through others and this is what he has been doing for me.  The texts, flowers, calls and food have meant so much to me. God’s hands at work in the lives of others. May I strive more each day to be Gods hands to those who need a smile, a hug, an arm to lean on or a prayer taken to God’s throne on behalf of others.


I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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