Summer VBS

Good afternoon,

Sorry I am late getting out a post this week.  We have been very busy.  VBS started last night and Phil and I are helping with the directing this year which has consumed my mind and time quite a bit.  I also got a new phone and I am struggling with learning all the new things on it.  In fact I had a post almost ready to send and somehow it got deleted.  Anyways we will try it again.

With VBS starting this week I wanted to share a few answered prayers with you.  Our theme this year is a scientific time lab.  Phil and I went on the hunt Saturday at the local good will for our lab coats.  Before we went into the store we held hands and prayed for VBS and help in finding what we were looking for.

We entered the store and asked an associate who worked in the clothing department if they had lab coats and he said “no, but a store up the road has some that’s where I bought mine.”  We started walking toward the exit and I looked over to my left and hanging on a rack was 2 white long lab coats.   One was Phil’s size and it had new tags on it and one was my size.  We grabbed them in amazement and took them to the cashier to pay for our prized treasures.   The cashier looked at them and said why is the new one priced $3.99 and the other $6.99?   I will give you both of them at $3.99.   Tell me we don’t serve an awesome God?


I also asked God to send us a wonderful amount of children to share the gospel of Christ at VBS.  Guess what?  51 children in attendance last night and I am expecting more tonight.  Pray for our VBS with me.  It’s an exciting and wonderful time with decorating and all but more than anything I pray these children learn about the GREAT I AM!!!

I love the Bible scripture in James 4:2-3. We have not because we ask not.  I believe it. I have asked for more stuff lately.  Not just big things, even little things and he never sieses to amaze me.

We asked each of the workers for VBS to make a robot to represent their family and name it their last name.   Elijah made the suggestion for our robot.  I would like to introduce you to “Lawrence.”


We have a busy life but as you can see a very blessed life.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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