Wisdom and Flowers

Good Afternoon,

I have had a wonderful week and pray you have as well.  The temperatures have been into the high 70’s and 80’s where we live.  The lake community where we reside has come alive with gardening, boating, fishing, golf cart riding and family time.  Oh, and this Saturday is community wide yard sales. I love living here!!!

We have been busy with getting things ready for Elijah’s graduation.  I can’t believe our youngest is out of school. His graduation ceremony will take place this evening and Sunday.  What a blessing having children has been…but Time flies by fast!

I have been reading God’s word this week and have been led to focus on the book of Proverbs.  This book was written by Solomon, the wise king.   The definition of wisdom is: the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement.  To obtain wisdom you are gonna have to go thru things that give you experience.  Sometimes these trials may be wonderful and sometimes they may be dreadful.  It’s in these trials that we gain wisdom.  As proverbs says in chapter 3 verse 13 “Happy is the man who findeth wisdom.”

wisdom bible verse wallpaper

In this world we strive to be happy.  We purchase things that make us happy but these things last for just a short while. Wisdom thru Christ can last forever. May I strive to know Christ more so I can be even happier.

This year I have chosen to use mostly pink flowers in my landscaping.  I purchased these pots from our FFA Chapter and they are absolutley beautiful.  I wanted to bring you to my house for a few minutes so you can have a peek at how pretty they are:


I also snapped some close ups for you to see.


These look beautiful anywhere you put them.  The geranium plants also include a spike and some vinca vines.  I tried to plant the flowers in my mailbox to match.  They will take a little longer to fill out.



I hope your spring is full of God’s beauty.   I love working in my flower beds and making things look pretty and clean.

I would love to see some comments of the colors you are using and pictures of your landscaping ideas.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


2 thoughts on “Wisdom and Flowers

  1. Cindy your Pink is beautiful. This year I’m using all Red, White and a Blue on our tiny patio/porch. We don’t have much room, but I love to tinker around out there with my flowers. ❤️

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