God Made Me This Way


fearfully madeIt is awesome to think that in a world of over 7 Billion people no 2 people are the same.  We may have a lot in common but not exactly alike.  I thought for my blog today I would tell you some things that make me, ME!!!

-Married? Yes, for almost 30 years

-Children? 1 Daughter & 2 Sons, 3 granddaughters, 1 Grandson, 1 on the way

-Siblings? 3 Brothers, 6 Sisters (youngest of 10)

-Favorite Season? Fall

-My perfect weather? Sunny and 78 degrees

– Favorite Sports? Volleyball & Golf

-Favorite Card Game? Euchre

-Favorite Color? Yellow

-Favorite flower?  Wild flowers

-Favorite Holiday? Christmas

-Favorite Book? Bible

-Favorite Scripture? Matthew 6:25-33 & Phillipians 4:13

-Favorite Store? Marshalls & Hobby Lobby

-Favorite Restaurant? The Cheesecake Factory

-Sweet or Salty? Sweets!!!

-How do you drink your coffee?  With cream or half and half

-Favorite Soda? Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke

-Social Media? Pinterest

-If you could have any occupation what would it be? I like my job but would love to be A Wedding Planner

-Morning person or night owl? Morning

-Bath or Shower? Shower

-Favorite Animal? Horse

-Are you scared of anything? Snakes and Hell

-Favorite Dessert? Just 1???                  Red Velvet Cheesecake & Mississipi Mud Pie

-Where would you like to go on vacation? Hawaii

-Favorite Candy Bar? Snickers

-Favorite Smell? Phil’s cologne and fresh laundry

-Favorite Style of food? Italian

-Favorite hobby?  Landscaping, decorating, cooking.

-Favorite Past Time? Family Time

-Movies? Christmas movies or clean comedies.

We serve a wonderful God who has an unbelievable  imagination.  He made everything and included me in it as well.  That’s an amazing thought!  It took me many years to actually love myself the way God made me.  We are beautiful in God’s image.


Let me know some of your favorite things.  If i didnt answer a question you want to know just ask.  I am interested to hear!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




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