Life is Beautiful

Good Afternoon,

Who can raise their hand in agreement with me that our world is a beautiful place?  In spring I stand in awe of how something that has been hidden in the dark ground for months can burst forth with some of the most beautiful colors my eyes have ever seen!  It makes me think of how my life was like a dark hole and when Jesus saved me he gave me a whole new vision.  A view of just  how wonderful he and everything he made is.  It thrills me to know just how much he loves me.  It also makes me think of the dirt I will be laid in some day…just for a short while… and I will be raised up in his glory.  How awesome is that?

In last weeks blog I mentioned that we had a lot of celebrating to do and this week I wanted to share some pics of the wonderful time we had.

Our sweet granddaughter Miss Eden turned “2” and she enjoyed every minute of her party.


Our handsome son Elijah and His cute girlfriend attended his senior prom on a river boat in Cincinanti.  It was a little chilly but they said they had a great time.


While they were at the Prom Phil & I  met the rest of the family for supper at LaRosas.  It was a beauitful sunny day, so we were able to drive the Corvette and take in some beautiful scenery.  We drove past a covered bridge and decided to stop and snap some photos.



It was an awesome weekend and by the grace of God we will see many more!!!

I will end with a story I heard.

This lady wrote a book about a lesson she learned.

Chapter 1.  I walked down the street to work and fell in a hole.

Chapter 2.  I walked down the street to work and fell in the same hole.

Chapter 3.  I walked the down the street to work but walked around the hole.

Chapter 4.  I tooked a different street to work.

This made me laugh but also made me realize that sometimes it takes us seveal times before we learn.

We remain human but let us strive to listen to God daily and do what he says the 1st time.  He wants us to be Loving, caring and closely in tune to him.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,





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