Time to Celebrate

Good Evening,

I hope you have had a wonderful week. Brandon our sweet son-in-law had a birthday on Monday and we got to spend the evening with him. Yesterday our granddaughter Miss Eden turned 2.  We will be enjoying her party this Saturday.  I am excited to watch her eat cake, open gifts and enjoy the time set aside to celebrate this beautiful girl.   She is such a loving, kind and amazing young lady.  She has been a wonderful blessing in our life, as have all of our grandbabies.  By the way we are expecting another grandbaby in November.  A rainbow baby.  Just in time for Christmas 🙂 = Blessed!!!  Our son and his wife have suffered a lot since the loss of their daughter December, 2016, but as the sign below says…then God stepped in.  56b126f2cd10b525797c113d11475de8

He has placed this families focus more on Heaven then ever before.  He definetly knows how to get our attention.  He has never let us down.  He blessed us way more than we deserve.


We also will be enjoying Saturday evening as Elijah goes to his senior prom with his girlfriend Claire.   We picked up the tux tonight and he is one handsome young man.   There prom will be on the river boat in Cincinanti. I am sure they will have a blast!!!

I will try to share some pictures of these special occasions in an upcoming blog.


I am excited to see the sunshine and warmer temperatures.  This time of year I love to work out in my yard and go to yard sales.  They will be having one in our community in May and this year I plan to find some deals.  I love taking other’s junk and making something out of it.  Who knows what I will find.   Sometimes change is hard but when God is at the center of it….It is Good!!!

What is something you love to do this time of year?

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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