Happy Easter

👒This year is flying by!  Well here we are looking right into the first day of April.  Not only are we looking into the first day of April but we are looking into Easter.  I love this holiday.  Many people look to Easter as a day off work or spring break.  For me Easter is about the true meaning, reflecting on Christ’s love for us and Spending time with family.   To me it’s all a blessing!


👒This morning while getting ready I was thinking and praying on what to blog today.  Of course you all knew it would be something about Easter.  But I feel I should take an approach that will give all of you reading my blog encouragement.  I am a person that likes to focus on the good.   This world has a lot of disappointment and I am sure many of you may be dealing with sickness, financial problems, marriage issues,  family struggles and many other things the devil is throwing at you.  These are all stressors, things that consume our mind and focus, so we aren’t looking to the right place for help.  Trust me I have done the same thing and continue to.  We have an adversary that never leaves us alone.  But….we have a Christ that never allows more than we can bear.

👒You may be going thru a valley today that you don’t think will ever end.   Maybe the mud and gunk is hard to walk thru.  Keep trudging.! Keep walking! Even if it’s baby steps.  Don’t stop!!!  Because of a Risen Savior we are pressing forward toward a reward that will definitely be worth it.   It may be the last mile you are traveling.  I sure don’t want to look back and quit walking when I am this close to the end.  I’ve come to far to look back!



👒We are in the “middle.”  Not what we was but definetly not what we want to be.  As Christ was in the middle as he hung on the cross, may we never forget to look in the middle at the correct target to keep us walking close to Christ.

👒With Christ in the center of our life we can overcome anything that the devil throws at us.  Keep looking to him! Keep telling others about him! Keep on keeping on!!!

👒I pray you have a blessed Easter with Christ and your family.

👒We serve a risen Savior who is worthy of our praise!


I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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