Time Well Spent

One thing Phil and I like to do is spend time together.  Whether it is riding around the lake in the golf cart, sipping on a cup of coffee, working around the house together, cooking or going on a date.  We love our time.  One way to obtain a better relationship with someone is to spend a lot of time with them.  How do you know the likes and dislikes of someone if you don’t spend time with them and in turn how will they know yours?  Maybe your spouse does things that aggravate you-we all do.   How will they realize it, if you don’t spend enough time together for them to know.

If you plant a plant and never nurture it or water and fertilize it then it won’t grow.  This also goes with your marriage, your family, your friends and especially GOD.


As most of you already know I am a “Blessed Army Mom.” Our son enlisted in the United States Army in October and leaves on July 3rd for Basic training.   He is a very patriotic young man with a love for his Country that is undescribable.

A while back I ordered him a 5 piece canvas wall hanging for his room.  They arrived rolled up in a plastic bag.  I guess I should have read the small print better- you had to pay more to have the canvas framed…WHAT!!!

So one day Phil and I tackled the project.  I think it turned out awesome for our 1st time.  With the right tools it was a pretty easy task.

We purchased the 1×1 pieces of wood at the lumber yard and began to work.  It only took us a couple of hours.

Time is a valuable thing.  Spend it well! Many people start wishing it was Friday on Monday. We are wishing our life away.

Take some time to….

Enjoy God’s Beauty!

Enjoy your family!

Enjoy your friends!

Enjoy your job!

Enjoy what you have!

Enjoy your life!

We only have one and it is goes by fast.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



2 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. Cindy, you hit the nail on the head today. Don and love spending time together too. We fill our hours taking wonderful long rides in the parks, or in the country. We do devotions together, and talk for hours sometimes about the scripture, the Lord, our kids, our grands, and we reminisce about years gone by. I absolutely love the canvas wall pieces. Nice team work. ~ Sharon


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