In our area we have had quite a bit of rain lately and a lot of people are affected by the flooding.  My heart and prayers go out to these people.  My prayers are also with the families of those affected in the Florida shooting last week as well as the Billy Graham family. (What a man of God)  I couldn’t even imagine what these people are going thru but I know we serve a God that gives comfort.  In a world of uncertainty I am thankful for our hope in a Savior who is in control of it all.

The title of my blog today may seem a bit different,  but you will soon see why I titled it that.

Hello is a wonderful word….

When a new baby is born and we welcome them into the world…what a blessing.

When someone comes for a visit.

When we see someone out that we haven’t see for awhile.

With “Hello” we usually chat for a while, laugh and embrace prior to saying goodbye.

Goodbye on the other hand isn’t quite as wonderful unless you have encountered someone whom you are glad are leaving. Lol

Goodbye may be for a few hours, days, months or years.   I’m not as fond of goodbyes.  Goodbyes can bring tears, sadness and changes that never heal.

I found an idea that I incorporated in my decorating.  “Hello” as you enter and “Goodbye” as you leave.  This decorating tip was inexpensive yet seemed to bring a sweet touch to our home.  I love it!!!



I hope that when people enter our home they find kindness, comfort, a warm embrace and love.  I enjoy having company over and love cooking in preparation for a visit from friends and family.

The hyphen between hello and goodbye is the time in which we can laugh, cry, embrace, kiss, serve Christ and make memories, some good and some not so good.  What we do during the hyphen is most important.  That part will determine where we spend eternity.  I pray you walk with Christ Daily and strive to reach others for the kingdom. When we draw our final breath we will say “Goodbye” to this world and “Hello” to a wonderful eternity where goodbyes will never be spoken again.

So until next time “goodbye” for now.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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