Show Love


Good Morning,

❤️It’s Valentines Day!  The day set aside to show the one you love that you really love them.  I am in hopes that you do this the other 364 days of the year not just today. Maybe not buy gifts, but let them know you love them Everyday.  Just saying something sweet to them, getting them a cup of coffee or sending a text or snap chat (I love this one) can let them know they are still the one.


❤️ I have been blessed with the same Valentine for 32 years. That sounds unreal to me.   It really has gone fast.   We have changed a little as you will see below. (Lol)  Some people get all worked up in the gifts and I agree we need to buy them something even if it’s their favorite candy bar, mints, gum or a card with a bookmark.  It’s the thought that counts.  There are way to many Dollar Tree stores around where you can pick up something for $1.00, so that gives you no excuses.  Not buying 1 pop will allow money for you to show your valentine that they are special to you.


❤️I try to buy Phil little things throughout the year that lets him know I am thinking of him, even after all these years.  I will leave him a snack and card in his lunch box or a note in his car.  It doesn’t take a lot to show love.     


❤️I heard a message on marriage that focused on things that can help your marriage grow strong.  One being to help others “carry their burdens.”  Believe it or not we all have burdens.  Maybe a bad day at work.  Maybe traffic on the drive home.  Maybe not feeling well.  Maybe the devil has fought you hard and you don’t even know why.  There are times along the way that I have failed at carrying others burdens.  Sometimes it seems I am so loaded with my own burdens that I can’t even think to help someone else with theirs.  This is the devil.  He likes to get us so overwhelmed with self that we can’t focus on anyone or anything good.  We know when our spouse or fellow Christian is carrying a burden.  This is when we need to carry their burdens thru prayer, words of encouragement or doing things to make it easy on them.  It takes time and much prayer, but this is something we can do.  I definetly want to Carry Others Burdens NOT be a burden.  

❤️Marriage and love is a wonderful thing.  In the bible it says…the greatest of these is Love.  With Gods love you can love people you never dreamed possible.  Let’s face it…some people are harder to love.  Are you thankful God loves all?  I sure am.  When I was unlovable he loved me.  If you pray more, read his word more and draw closer to him, you will fall in love with others like you never have before.  


❤️Take this Valentine’s Day 2018 and start loving others more. Start showing more love to your spouse, your children, your co-workers, your fellow Christians and ecspecially to God.  He deserves our love, our praise and our devoted attention.

❤️  GOD IS LOVE!!! ❤️

❤️Happy Valentines Day from my ❤️ to yours!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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