Family Time

Good Evening,

I tried everything to avoid it but it finally caught up with me.  The dreaded cold.  Yep, I got it!!!   Thankfully I was able to take the day off work yesterday and rest up some.  What made it even better was when Phil brought me Breakfast in bed.  Wow…he is the best!!!  Sometimes our bodies just need to reenergize.  It sure did me some good.

Of course you all know I love family time.  Many people have hobbies.  Me, not so much hobbies but I do love cooking and spending time with my family.  I am blessed to have a close knit family.  We live within 10 min of our children and grandchildren.  To us that’s awesome.

A short while ago I shared with you our bible studies at home

The grandbabies love these.  We usually read a short story, do a craft, play a game and eat a snack.  The game we usually play is “Ring around the rosie” As young as they are, they all say “More.”  What a blessing!

They are hard at work making valentine cards for their mommys and daddys.  I even got a picture of Pap playing with them.


Time spent with family will never be something I will regret.  We can’t take back our precious time but we can use the time we have to make awesome memories that will forever be etched in our mind.

Use your time this week to make wonderful memories.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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