Shine on

Good Evening,

As I sit and look outside to day I am amazed at the beautiul creation of God.  We have had some wintery weather in our neck of the woods and the ice on the trees continue to shine as if God put glue on each limb and sprinkled the most beauitful glitter imaginable on them.  Then he sends the sunshine to make them sparkle even more. It is such an awesome sight. (Pictures don’t do it justice.)  How our creator does this is totally amazing.  Makes me Wander what Heaven will look like.


I was able to go shopping a little bit last Saturday and of course I stopped at “Catos” one of my favorite clothing stores. I hit the jackpot!  I will have to say taking pictures of myself and putting on this blog has to be one of my least favorite parts of blogging.  I feel so inadequate to be modeling clothes but….I want people who are not comfortable with themselves to realize that fixing up and dressing up can make you feel so much better inside.   As I have said before…God made us in his image and he loves us just the way we are.  It took me years to be comfortable and happy with myself and I want all of you who read my blog not to fall into the same lies of Satan that I did.  The more you take pride in what you have the better you will feel, and adding a smile will make you happy inside.


I was able to purchase this beautiful shirt for $6.99.  I usually don’t where a lot of prints but this one caught my eye and at that price it was hard to pass up.


The necklace was originally $17.99 but I only paid $4.99.  I will wear this a lot ecspecially with solid colors.  It’s prettier then what it looks in this picture.  It has a long silver rope chain and a large clear stone with matching small stones.

So thankful for the privilege to spend some time with you all via this blog.  It has almost been 1 year since we started this journey.  I hope something I have said along the way has been an encouragement to you.  May we never take for granted the people in our lives who make us shine.  I am thankful for the ones he has placed in my life that shine bright to me.


I would like to hear from all of you on what has been your favorite topics I have shared on my posts. Here is a list of them…

 *Country Decorating

               * Easy Food Recipes

               * Fashion with Savings

               *My Beautiful Family  

               * My Faith!

Leave me a message on what’s your favorite.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to spend a few minutes with me.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




One thought on “Shine on

  1. You have the best ice picture I have seen with the sun shining on it perfectly. It was one amazing vista after another as we drove east on Rte 32 Thursday afternoon. God’s artistry is beyond phenomenal. Thank you for sharing your blog.

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