The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Good Morning,

Do you have your Christmas Shopping done?  I am hoping to finish this weekend.  I need 3 more weeks to enjoy the festivities and anticipation.  I love the time before Christmas Day when I can enjoy the decorating, the plays, the buying, the wrapping and the feeling of “The most wonderful time of the year.” The Love that is shown to others makes me feel wonderful inside.  The same Love that was shown in a stable can be felt in acts of kindness that are taken to help those in need or those who just need a special something.  Just because you have all your needs met doesn’t mean you don’t need a small gift or a baked sweet from someone to let you know you are loved.  The majority of people have their needs met.  We live in a very blessed country and I am very thankful for that!

I wanted to share some more pictures of our decorated home that we enjoy.  I love sitting down in the evening and looking at the lights and trees and the warm feeling you get from this.  Not to mention the Christmas Carols, the Christmas movies and time with our families.


This is our living room and fireplace. Above the TV we like to place our large Nativity Scene.  It can be seen from upstairs and downstairs.  Actually it is the main focus of our Christmas and can even be carried in our hearts everyday of the year.

Elijahs room and bathroom…of course we have some American stuff here.  He loves America that’s why he has chosen to serve our country.  (Hard to see but we made some bullet garland that is draped on his bed)

The little hats on the soap add a little festive touch in the bathrooms.

I better go for now.  I got alot to get done this week and plan to share a few more pictures in a few days.  It’s Christmas time at the Lawrence house and the Absolute Most Wonderful time Of the Year!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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