There Is JOY In Giving

Good Evening,  

I hope this evening finds you rested and ready to face another week.  It’s December 10 and time to give.  

I am happy to Announce that you all have shared my posts from October 5th thru December 9th a lot.  To be exact it has been shared 41 times.  That is amazing.  1 person shared it 12 times and that is awesome.  

I kept track of all the shares and placed all the names in a basket and Phil drew out the name this evening.  

The winner of the Lantern is……




Thanks so much to all of you for sharing.  I will make sure Tammy gets the gift soon.  

Keep looking…who knows I may give something away again in the future.

Giving is a good thing year round..

Isn’t it???

I hope you are getting ready for Christmas and you are blessed with Christ’s love more today than ever before. 

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,






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