Do you think of home very much?

What do you think of when you think of home?

I hope you have a home where you feel comfort,  peace and love.

When I looked up the definion of home it says: a place where one lives permanently.

So can home mean this earthly home.  We aren’t staying here permanently are we?


I have a wonderful home here on this earth where I am comfortable.  I feel peace and love but things happen. We have things that always need to be repaired.  But when we get to heaven we won’t ever have to do repairs.


The McKameys have a song out called “When I Think About Heaven.”

The words are so true.  It says…

when I think about heaven I don’t think about Jasper walls,

When I think about heaven beautiful sights don’t appear at all.

But I’ve got a longing in my soul and a yearning now to go,

When I think about heaven…when I think about heaven.


When I think about Heaven I don’t think about the things I’ll see.  I think about WHO I’ll see.  (Jesus, Dad, My Grandbaby and many more family and friends) I wander if that’s the way it should be here too.  Things don’t matter but People do.  We get wrapped up so many times in stuff.  Stuff that will one day pass away.  Stuff that causes more worry.  Stuff that makes us work harder to obtain. Stuff that one day will no longer matter.  The choices we have made is what will matter.  Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome to have stuff and great to have something to work for but I pray I don’t get so focused on the stuff that I forget what’s important and that is “HOME” my permanent home!!!


And I truly believe this.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to spend some time with me.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wonderful post Cindy. It is thought provoking. I love thinking about our Heavenly Home. If you’re like me, when Fall approaches, I always look for ways to cozy up our earthly home. It must be that we know we’ll be spending more time indoors when the weather turns cooler. In a Heaven, we won’t be concerned with our comfort, and cozying up our home. The Lord has that all planned for us. I’m looking forward to eternity. But until then, I’m looking forward to your next post. Blessings 💜

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