He knows it All



Wow…does that saying hit you like it does me?  Jesus knows our needs way before we have the need.  Phil has said several times since we have moved that the people who built our home we live in now, made it just for us.  It fits us so perfectly.  Do you believe that?  Do you believe that God has a place and time for everything?    I sure do.

In the movie “God’s not dead” there was a part were ever time something happened the missionary would say “God has a reason for this to happen, just trust him.”  This quote has crossed my mind several times after viewing this movie.  This is so true. He keeps us out of a lot of trouble and directs our paths in ways we can’t see… if we allow him to.

We finished off the wonderful week with an awesome family reunion with around 60 in attendance and beautiful weather on Saturday.  Sunday we got to go to the “Reds” game were the boy I am a nurse for threw out the first pitch. Then we finished the wonderful weekend off with a wonderful youth service at church last night.  The youth was so attentive as we learned…

“How Christians are like Pumpkins.”

  • I am so glad he picked me
  • cleaned me up
  • removed the yucky stuff out
  • opened my eyes to see things differently
  • put a smile on my face
  • Placed a light inside of me to shine the light of Christ.

He can do that same thing for you!!!


As you start decorating for fall remember this illustration and share with someone and don’t forget…

He knows it all…past, present, future!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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