Dressed Beyond Measures

Good afternoon,

Summer has ended and fall is here.  The temperature the past few days don’t feel like fall but the colors of the trees and the decorations are saying it’s fall loud and clear.  I love the colors of fall and the beauty God has made when I look at the hills or drive down a road where fresh leaves has fallen.  It makes me feel warm inside.  Top the beauty with Pumpkin bars and a cup of pumpkin spiced coffee and it makes me feel warm and happy, not to mention that the county fair is in full swing. The Brown County Fair has been a highlight for our family for years.   I love to see people I havent seen for a while and support the children who work hard all summer to make awesome exhibits to show for their fair projects.   It’s a fun place to be!


I decided I would post a fall outfit today.  I bought this dress when it was 70% off.  It is considered a sleeveless summer dress but adding leggings, boots and a sweater makes it a fall/winter outfit.

A few years ago bright colors were put away during fall and winter and dark colors were worn. I choose to add a sweater, scarf, a blue jean jacket and boots with the bright colors to give it a fall/winter look.

There are several reasons removing colors during different times of the year won’t work for my wardrobe.

1.  Most of my wardrobe is black.

2.  Since I am “chunky” layering clothes help to hide the areas where I carry more weight. (I can choose a yellow shirt with black skirt and a white vest and black jewelry to bring it all together)

3.  I don’t have time to go thru my clothes every season to hide a color that is out of style for a few months.  (This would take time away from my family, you know I don’t like that!)

4. I choose to make my own style and go with it.  Different colors make things pop.

I also bought a new necklace that I found on sale  “buy one get one free.”  The necklace has a family tree and 3 little trees hanging down from it.  This felt perfect for our family.  Us and our 3 children.  I hope the things we have taught them reflects our love for Christ and for each other.  I hope and pray that these are the traits they carry onto their family trees.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,



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