A Blessed Weekend

Good morning,

We are well into another week and we have already experienced an Eclipse that will not happen again for a very long time.

As most of you already know I am a thankful person.  I think a big part of being BLESSED is to realize that the “small” things are just as important as the “big” things.   I choose to focus a lot on the little things that make my days, weekends and life so enjoyable.

Friday evening Brittany and I took the babies swimming which they loved while Phil and Elijah enjoyed some canoeing & fishing.

On Saturday it was a beautiful day so we decided to get the corvette out and take a drive.  We took a drive thru the country and went thru a covered bridge so we stopped for a few pictures.   What a joy to get out and enjoy the beauty around us.  It was perfect weather to remove the t-tops and roll the windows down.  We could hear the birds and nature singing to us.

We were so close to the “Amish” that it would have been a “sin” to not stop for a donut.  May I add it was the best one yet.  So fresh…it was still warm.   We topped it off with a Diet Coke from McDonald’s.


 3 of my FAVORITE things all in 1 Car

The man of my dreams, McDonalds Diet Coke and a fresh Amish donut!!!

We finished Saturday evening off with a golf cart ride around the lake and roasting some hot dogs around a fire.  Elijah joined us for the ride and roast.

Sunday was a wonderful Lord’s day.  We were able to attend church and have all of our children and grandchildren home for Sunday Dinner.  All of this equals a wonderful weekend.

It’s the small things in life that make me smile.  In the past it seems like I ran ragged so much that I didn’t take time to enjoy things.  It is such a joy to sit back and watch the grandbabies play, eat with the ones you love or listen to the family play music and think “what a wonderful life I have.”

Take time out of your day today to enjoy the little things.  Time goes quick and you will blink your eyes and realize you missed a lot.  The house cleaning will always be there and people will always need something.  But take care of your needs as well.  You need time to enjoy life….the little things and the big things.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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