My Decorating

Good afternoon,

I hope you took some time to enjoy the little things in your life this past week.   I sure did!

Today our youngest turns “18” and wow did that time fly by.  On this “big” day we will take him out to a restaurant he chose…”Red Lobster.”  His Dad and I sure won’t buck this choice.  We like to eat here!


I love to decorate but sometimes it takes me a while to know what I want and where.  Today I wanted to blog some decorations on my living room wall.   As I have said in the past I love using some old things mixed with new ones to decorate.  This wall is open to the 2nd floor and was a tall area so I decided to put some large items on it.




I hang the antique rake at an angle then decided to use and old sifter to fill in the area some more.  I finished the look off with an old blanket hung thru a new basket handle.

I love how it turned out.  It is starting to feel like home here at the “Lawrence” house.  Most of the walls are decorated.  I just need to tweek some of the areas a bit more and they will be ready to share on some future blog posts.


Hug someone you love today.

Smile when you can.

Lend someone a hand.

Doing one of these things will make your day and theirs a bit brighter.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,




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