Good Morning,

💛As I woke up this morning it was a little rough to get moving.  After vacation it never gets easy to get back into the routine.  I will say I am thankful I am able to get up and go to work.  I have a wonderful job and I am thankful for that as well.  Many people would love to be able to get up and go to work. So I count this privilege a blessing.   Of course if I won the lottery I would be fine to stay home, but I haven’t and don’t play it, which makes it pretty definite that I “WILL” work.

💛I have been praying about what to blog today and have been struggling lately to keep a positive mind.  Don’t get me wrong I continue to serve Christ but my mind becomes clouded with things around me.  The devil tries to get in my mind daily to keep my focus off of Christ and sad to say that sometimes he wins.  There are times when I get so busy that my number 1 focus isn’t Christ.  There are times when my mind is full of worry and what ifs.

                    💛   I live a wonderfully blessed life but not a perfect life 💛                  

💛 The devil fights my mind, my body and my outlook.  These are the times when I need to TRUST.  The definition for TRUST is: a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

💛On a daily basis we trust in something or someone.  I trust my car to get me to work.  I trust my electricity to be on so I can get ready.  I trust the water to run so I can clean up.  But most importantly is the TRUST I place in Christ to help me thru the day and many times to carry me thru the day.   I TRUST the promises in his word that he has given me to remind me that I am not alone and he is with me.  This too is a blessing!


AND WHOSE HOPE THE LORD IS.       Jeremiah 17:7 KJV


💛 Just listening to gospel music or reading uplifting things about Christ and his word can pull my focus back to the one who is in control.

💛 Marriages go thru valleys.  Walks with Christ go thru valleys.

💛 It is in the valleys that we grow.

PRAY more~~~~~READ his word more~~~~~LOVE more

💛 May I never forget to do these on a daily basis so I can be the wife I should be, Mom I should be,  Memaw I should be, friend I should be and the Christian I should be.

💛 Everyday is a new day.  Let’s give Christ our best starting today.

💛 I pray this blog has encouraged you to TRUST in Christ more today.

💛 Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to spend some time with me.

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


5 thoughts on “TRUST HIM

  1. Today, I completely identified with the piece you wrote. Usually, when the enemy is clouding my mind, I feel like I’m the only one this happens to. I struggle with worry, and negative self talk often. But thanks to prayer, and the mercy of Jesus Christ, I’m beginning to overcome this struggle. God Bless you & your family, and thank you for sharing this blog today. ~ Sharon ~ 💜

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