Vacation Blessings #3

Good Morning,

Well our trip is quickly coming to an end.   We have had a blast.  Sleeping in everyday and spending family time with our youngest son, Eli who turns 18 in a few weeks was priceless.  We have had a wonderful time and got to see so many things.  A lot of things that were free to tour.  Phil and Elijah love history and this was an amazing trip for them.

On the last post we had just arrived in Washington, DC. We stayed there 4 days prior to moving on and I have several more pics to show you.

We took a bus tour which saved our feet and allowed us to learn so much about the city.  Washington is a huge place full of history with a lot to take in.  It was a beautiful day for the tour and pictures.


We were able to get awesome pictures of “The US Capital, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Iwo-Jima Monument”

After leaving Washington we visited Alexandria, Virginia were we took a boat ride up the Potomac River and visited “Patriot Harbor” in Maryland.



Our last stop was in Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia.  We took a tour of the Jamestown Settlement and the ships they came to America on.  We shopped at some of the shops in “Colonial Williamsburg” and relaxed some in the hot tub and rocking chairs.


This area has such a country feel that we are use to.  We almost felt at home here.  But no place compares to our home, ALL of our family and our beds.

It has been an amazing trip with beautiful weather and lots of memories made.  We have laughed a lot.  (traveling with these 2 that’s effident)  We love to have a good time.

As we head back to Ohio today i want to personally thank each of you who enjoyed the trip with us.  I hope someday you all get to travel to one of these places in person if you haven’t already done so.

It’s time to get back to reality.

Thank you Lord for the blessing to travel these past 8 days.

But……There is no place like home!!!

I am…

Blessed Beyond Measures,


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